Thankful for Our Pathways and Bridges

Thankful for Our Pathways and Bridges

Have you ever seen a bridge being built? Have you noticed the traffic that it causes those who have to cross it? Have you yourself had frustrating thoughts of “I can’t wait until the bridge is done so that all of this traffic would go back to being some type of normal!” 

Bridges were made for us to cross to get from Point A to Point B or as Merriam-Webster would put it: they are structures carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle; a time, place, or means of connection or transition. The building of a bridge takes a lot of careful planning especially if the bridge is going to be one that people would be crossing. Calculations must be precisely correct so that the bridge will be able to bear the appropriate weight, withstand strong winds and the elements of ever-changing seasons.



Ironically this reminds me of how my grandmother would tell me “you have to make sure you are built right.” It took me years to understand what she was saying. Also, I come to realize that she is one of my “bridges” in my life; not only that she was built right. She was built in a way that stood the test of time these past 86 years and weathered many storms and stood strong throughout the changing of any season in her life. Wisdom is gained by experience and throughout her many years, she has experienced a lot which has shaped how she would deliver her pearls of wisdom to those who listened. My grandparents, parents and so many others have built many bridges and paths for me to pass over obstacles and low valleys because they have gone through it already. They have spared many tears, heartaches, stress, and setbacks. Grandma would say “there’s no need to go through it twice. I've done that already for you.” 

When we think of bridges seldom do we think about it being “a time, place or means of connection or transition” yet I love that Webster brought that out! Can you think of those moments where you have prayed and prayed and you finally left it in the hands of the Lord? When you settled down and let the peace that surpasses all of your understanding take you to a place of rest all of a sudden your prayers have been answered. The bridges are looking back over our lives and recounting how the Lord took us through this or that process. Bridges are also the altars that we have built of how the Lord has shown up and allowed His glory to shine through. We go back to those altars to get the encouragement and strength we need for the bridges and pathways to be made in our lives.  

Take a moment to be thankful for the “bridges” and “paths” in your life. Reflect on how far you have come due to them. Take a moment to be thankful for the things that you did not have to go through because a higher path was laid and ready to be crossed with no reservations, blockages or unfinished construction. 

Lastly, I want you to remember….that you too are one who is laying a bridge and cutting a path for someone to walk across and get them from Point A to Point B so that they are not having to go through the obstacles, test, trials, and tribulations. The question is, are you going to allow the Lord to continue the construction within you that is needed in order for your bridge to withstand the weight, the high winds and bear the ever-changing season? 

We all have people in our lives who have laid bridges for us to cross over many obstacles, test, trials, and tribulations. We cannot forget about the cost that was paid by our forefathers, parents, mentors, teachers, and tutors. Moses laid bridges and paths for Joshua. Eli laid bridges and paths for Samuel. Elijah laid bridges and paths for Elisha. Mordecai laid bridges and paths for Esther. Jesus laid a bridge and a path so the twelve disciples and down throughout the ages for you and I as well. We cannot get from Point A to Point B unless we have a moment of reflection, acknowledgement and commitment to continue to perfect what was laid for us. 

The cost of building bridges and laying paths are great but I know it is worth it! But you have to  of every stone being laid...that’s what makes the bridge and the path priceless.

~Tracy J

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