The Pottery of Life

I saw a video on YouTube of a young lady “throwing” some clay into a large salad bowl. It took all of 3 minutes and 54 seconds to turn a big lump of unrecognizable clay into something that someone could eventually eat from. The process is quite amazing to me because as the clay is spinning she keeps putting water on her hands in order to put the correct pressure on it to press and mold it. What blessed me the most was that it took just 3 minutes...and...54 seconds. 

It makes me look at the process through the perception of the clay---better yet, I can identify with it!

During the nearly 4 minute video the wheel NEVER stopped turning and when she started to make the bowl she did not stop; she went on to finish it. Have you ever felt like life was spinning nonstop? You felt the pressures of life, the pressures of wanting to live out your dreams and the pressures of not wanting to fail? We are ever so careful to pray that we are staying within the will of the Lord while we are on the wheel of life. 

I wonder if the clay ever felt like “I wonder if it is going to end?” Or “I wonder if it is worth the pressure, the molding and being drowned in water!” But we are like the clay, not the potter. We have to submit to the turning, the pressure, the molding and accept the water being thrown on us lest we break in the end because we did not fully go through the process. 

We may not understand what The Potter has in mind for us; for it is The Father who knows the plans that he has for us, plans to prosper and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). If we stay focused on Christ and the work that has already been done for us, then going through a season lived in front of others while they see our shaping and molding process will not be unbearable. It may not take as long as we think. The moment we embrace our season is the moment we become most malleable because we do not have anything left in us to fight. We will surrender into the turn that the Lord wants us to make in order for His glory to be revealed through us. 

And it may just take a blink of an eye in eternity...but here on earth, it may just take 3 minutes and 54 seconds in time…

~Embrace the Journey~

~Tracy J

Grateful for Patience

Lady Sabrina J -- The Challenge

Lady Sabrina J -- The Challenge