I Don't Like People Pt. 1


“I don’t like people.”

Well, that was my way of thinking for quite some time. I remember being in high school when the feeling, “I don’t like people,” was one of the regular things I would think and say. More importantly, I remember in college when God changed my mind concerning the matter and for that I am extremely thankful. We are created to not just like people, but to enjoy and love people. Yes, you already know that, but though we know these things we fail to APPLY THEM. Relationships mold us into who we are. They have a phenomenal influence on how we live out our lives. What if I told you that some of your perceptions of relationships have been manipulated and perverted by pride to keep you in bondage? Pride is one of the biggest reasons relationships struggle. Pride will rise up in you and cause you to treat people according to how you feel, not what is right. When you allow pride to come in, you will never know how your relationships could really succeed. You could be so busy believing that you are too anointed, too saved, and too “set apart”, that you can not see truth. The enemy will pervert pride, dress it up, and call it things like, humility, servanthood, love and so on, all while you are co-signing on his schemes. No one ever wants to admit to pride, so they do things that look righteous but really their motive is to be seen, thus the pride demon is fed. You will never be free if you do not accept your truths and stop being in denial about the pride that grows inside of you. We all have it in us.

Pride is defined as inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority in talents, beauty, wealth, accomplishments, rank or elevation in office, which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve, and often in contempt of others. We know the whole story about how Satan’s pride got him kicked out of heaven. He displays every characteristic of the term. He thought he could be God. We notice he had “relationships” (fallen angels). I can imagine his “friends” having no mind of their own, so they did whatever the devil commanded them out of manipulation, fear, insecurity and lack of worth. That is how some people like their relationships; they like to control and manipulate and they feed off the ignorance and insecurity of those around them. Their pride does not allow for anyone to do better, look better, perform better, or simply live better than them. If so, it is a problem. They will never have a genuine relationship because they are constantly in a silent competition of trying to fight to the “top,” trying to beat and outlive the other person. But those who know better, those who have not left God, those who have been there and done that, are the ones who will not want to be around such a prideful person. They want nothing to do with such foolishness. If you want to build relationships with people but you are prideful, you will have to check yourself. We all know that if you do not humble yourself then God will do it and most likely it will not be as gentle as you would like.  The bible says. “Do not be misled: bad company corrupts good character.” So in other words, do not listen to what people say, do not listen to the excuses, the manipulation, and peer pressure because the bad will rub off and tarnish your good. The “bad” will start in your thinking and manifest, in time, through your actions. Simply, take heed to who you build relationships with. Sooner or later, an individual who carries pride has to come to terms with their sin. The question is: how? It can be the revelation, it can be through an honest conversation with a loved one, a prophecy, or through death like any other sin. My prayer is that we all learn to call sin out no matter who it belongs to. Let’s not call it out to cast judgment, but to save and protect God’s people!

~~Concluded Tomorrow~~

By Guest Blogger: Ivory Polk

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