When The Waters Draw Back

Tsunamis are caused by way of earthquakes, strong volcanic eruptions, or underwater landslides. We know that there is always a reaction to every action and these natural occurrences are no different. If there is an earthquake in Chile, there will be an effect in Hawaii and Japan. If there is a volcanic eruption, all of the scientists and weather agencies are on alert to try to get everyone to prepare for the effects of the earth pushing out that much energy. 

One sign of an oncoming tsunami, other than the earth quaking or ground shaking, is the water on the shoreline starting to recede. The water refrains from coming up to your ankles or doesn’t come up to you at all; however, it exposes the ocean floor in an area that would’ve been considered as waist-deep. This recession can occur for hours, or days, on end before the tsunami hits. People panic, camp on high ground, or gather their things and leave. These receding water cause the environment to look “abnormal” and feel a bit “off”. The anticipation of this event is so thick, one could cut it with a knife. People know the longer they wait for the tsunami to hit, the more likely it is to be bigger. Let’s talk right here.

We can correlate the water as the things that bring us comfort through our normal routines of life. For example: a consistent job, clothes and shoes to  wear and shop for, bills and car note paid and hanging out with our friends just because you can. Yet, the earthquakes of life happen and cause moments of unexpected shaking. Damage is done everywhere. The strong buildings we built with our faith in order  to maintain and sustain foundation, cracks and crumbles before our very eyes. The job is now gone, the bills are staring back at us, and people, that were once a source of affirmation, now seem to disappear. You find yourself looking through a pile of rubble, formerly known as, your life.  There you find distant memories from your Facebook page’s “On This Day” feature or Time hop app to remind you that you once had a comfortable life. The more you reach for the old things of comfort and try to force a relationship to work, the further the water seem to recedes.

I will admit, this is scary and nerve-racking causes you to see what you have placed your strength and faith in. Hebrews 12:26-29, speaks of the created things that can be shaken will be, but the things that cannot be shaken will remain.

Life happens and it can seem like it’s not fair. We can feel like we go without what be believe our hearts desires for a long time, month after month, year after year we are waiting…for things to happen and “turn for our good” but even in our anticipation we cannot be anxious for anything (Phil 4:6-8).

We have to elevate our faith all the more in seasons of our sea levels receding. We look to the hills for which cometh our help and start to discover, understand and embrace the strength that it takes to persevere because at the end of the day there are many people the Lord could have chosen to have these types of earthquakes in their lives but He chose you. He was careful and gracious in His choosing which is why we should be thankful all the more.

And in the moments of our gratitude we will see the “wave train” coming. The wave train is when the big waves of the tsunami start to hit the shoreline and more continue to keep coming. The first big wave is not the biggest that will hit. They grow until the biggest one hits (which is hard to gauge at times)  then they start to subside. The waves of provision. The waves of witty ideas and inventions. The waves of entrepreneurship. Those are not the biggest waves that will hit you. Waves of intense prayer and understanding of the word will hit your spirit. Waves of love for God’s people will hit. Waves of praise and worship will hit. Wave after wave, our prayers will be answered in our season of the waters drawing back. We, then, will understand what it means in a greater way (Malachi 3:10).
The journey has been challenging but it’s all the more opportunity for the Lord to reveal Himself the More…if you are willing.

When the waters recede….the tsunami of blessings are coming!

~Tracy J

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Discussion Question! 

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