in(SECURE) - Pt 3

in(SECURE) - Pt 3

In(SECURE) - Pt 2, I ended by discussing how Mary decided to sit, listen and commune with the Lord in a room full of people, including her sister. The people who have walked closest to us, whether we want to admit or acknowledge it or not, have seen some of our darkest of days. They have seen the parts of us that we are afraid might be exposed. They are the ones who can look at us while we minister and either judge us or be a witness that the Lord is a miracle worker. 

I have come to learn that there are times when we are so used to working our positions in life and ministry that when the encounters of healing come, we will try to outperform the performance of peace. Think about it, the word performance means the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task or function. This shows that we have detached our hearts and minds from the reason we are doing the task at hand -- the reason why we want Jesus in the room with us!

You may ask, “How does this involve our insecurities?” 

There is no way you can sit and spend time with the Lord and he does not get down to the heart of the issues within you. What’s really bothering you? Who told you that you were not going to make it? Who told you that you did not have enough? Who told you that you were not enough? 

We may not want to or be ready to deal with the root of what causes our insecurities in our hearts and, just like Martha, we will busy ourselves. We would want to hide the things we don’t want anyone, including G-d, to know or see. Let’s face it -- there are times when we can think that we are simply too much for people to handle. This also speaks to the confidence that we have in believing that the Lord has the true capacity to hold us in the palm of His hand and bring us close to His heart. We will allow our insecurities and uncertainties that question if He’s “really able to do exceedingly and abundantly...above all that you can ask or think”

Martha may have prayed time and time again and felt like she hasn’t gotten an answer, therefore, it resulted to her moving her faith into works only without listening, she may have stopped expecting an answer or even peace for her heart. We cannot allow our insecurities (the things that keep us uncertain, shaky and unstable) to stop us from listening to who the Lord really says that we are or what our next move should be. It is in the quiet times when we feel like we have so much to do that the Lord will perform the deepest heart surgery to get to the cause of what hinders us from entering into His presence. Why?! Because WE CHOOSE HIM. Just as we honor Him for calling us into His presence, He honors us for simply choosing Him.

Overcoming our insecurities impacts the ones closest to us! What if Mary was just as busy as Martha? They both would have missed it! But because Mary chose to fully endow herself in the moment of having Jesus in the room with her it brought up the frustration within her sister. This is what I want to warn, yet, encourage, you as you overcome your insecurities: the closest people to you (family, the best of your friends and acquaintances) will blame you for choosing God and try to throw you under the bus for not performing with them. This will be a test of your focus and desperation for the Lord. Martha asked the Jesus to rebuke Mary for leaving her with all the work and Jesus rebuked her for not embracing the moment of impartation and healing.

Casting our cares takes work. Overcoming fears, anxieties and insecurities take work!  But one thing I can tell you is that when you place your faith in God and in the power of His might, He will make every uncertain thing sure, every unsafe place a sanctuary, every shaky and unstable place peaceful and stable. 

You may ask how? I simply tell you to try God in the little things first and as your faith grows you will see the mountains in your life level out. You will see and feel an anointing overcome your life because you have trusted in God that the insecurities melt and your confidence has skyrocketed! And you will not have to open your mouth to explain what God is doing in your life. Your close family, your brothers and sisters will see for themselves and say, “truly it is the anointing that destroys the yoke of the insecurities!”

GO and stand in your security.

~Tracy J~

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