The Remnant: The Substance to Eat

As we have seen based on Areanna’s previous post that a remnant is a small surviving group; to add to that remnant is another word for surplus the amount that remains when use or need is satisfied (Webster Dictionary). So if we were to put that together a remnant is a small surviving group that remains when [the] use or need is satisfied. Some may choose to read into that negatively but in challenging your perspective and dare you to take it as a complement!

Areanna said that the Remnant is a people of faith, hope and love. Let’s discuss the faith aspect of being a part of the Remnant. We know that in Hebrews 11:1 it says that Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Going back to the joint definition we see that it’s a small surviving group that remains when [the] use or need is satisfied.

I asked myself, “What does the Remnant survive from?”

I believe that it is the SUBSTANCE of our faith keeps us surviving as the Remnant. And what is the substance of our faith? The Word – the Bread of Life!

The Remnant offers the ingredients of life back to the Lord and allows situations to worketh out patience, and patience experience and through our experience we have hope… for it’s those things that produce the substance of that which are hoped for.

Being that we are the Remnant we are charged to bring the word to those who are looking for the answer about what to do with the ingredients of their lives. We are actually being the evidence of the things they may be longing to see but may not be able to put into words. We know that the Remnant lives by the word that is alive and active and sharper than any double edge sword. The very substance of the word that we survive is the very thing that keeps us grounded. It keeps us from running when trials and tribulations come our way. The “surviving group” lets us know no matter how hard life may be we are not alone. We are never alone.

We may be small in number…but we are anchored. We are not the leftovers but the ones who are set aside for such a time as this to be the catalyst for change that will bring light to penetrate that which is dark.

A couple of weeks ago Areanna asked a few questions at the end of Welcome to the Remnant series post. Although all three were very thought-provoking there was one that made me sit down and realize something when it comes to being a part of this remnant. She asked, “When do you feel that your influence of faith is needed the most in your life?” and I, personally, answered this question by saying, “Faith is needed in my life when I know that the Lord is leading me yet I feel as though I’m going nowhere.”

It will be that very thing that my faith is rooted in that will cause me to spring my hope and love through. We will need faith in order to simply believe that there is a remnant and that we are apart of it. As times change and we are witnessing the even the elect being fooled and falling away from the truth due to the pleasure of the scratch of their itchy ears standing firm in prayer, on the word and our belief in Jesus Christ will allow us to see the hand of the Lord in our lives and His glory being unfolded and revealed all the more.

The remnant never backs down, the remnant presses on and the remnant walks in the comfort that the victory already is won giving way to our confidence is second to none to mess with.

The Remnant. The Catalyst. The Answer.

~Tracy J

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Let's Discuss - The Remnant

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