For those who may not know, I was licensed as a minister at Agape Time Ministries, Inc - City of Refuge under the leadership of Pastors John and Pamela Dillon on February 14, 2014. That was an interesting night for me on so many levels and for various reasons. I’ll write about why I say that a bit later. The feeling in the room that night as 10 people sat in the back leadership room as the sanctuary filled to capacity was close to indescribable. Majority of us grew up in church and some of our family members were in ministry - some pastors, ministers, deacons, teachers and evangelists. A feeling of uncertainty -- yet confidence -- was most definitely in the room.  The confidence was two-fold: 1) that we were sure that we were trusting the Lord with what we didn’t understand about this next level of servitude;2) our confidence was knowing our pastors heard the Lord to even allow this to happen because NO ONE IN THE ROOM FELT DESERVING. I can even say that we didn’t want it because we wanted to CONTINUE to do the work without the title because it didn’t define our love for serving God’s people.

The ten soon-to-be licensed ministers circled up for prayer lead by both of our Pastors. They told us to “look at the people standing in the room with you. These are the people you will have one of the closest bonds with in your life because of what will unfold tonight and throughout your years of ministry.”

THEY. WERE. NOT. LYING! ((Not that they ever have lied to us))

But it leads me back around to my introduction of the #DearYoungMinisters page on JourneyWithMe.

The things that I’ve learned along the way have been tremendously life changing to my very core. So much so, that it allowed me to notice things about myself as I have been moving in and out of areas of learning, struggle, and overcoming within my heart, my prayer life, and submission. My perception of love, relationships and even my convictions and standards of how I lead in the workplace and in ministry are starting to mirror and reflect my chase after the Lord. ((I can’t wait to dig in!!))

Now some of you may have seen the posts I’ve started sharing on Facebook called #DearYoungMinisters. I’ve been doing these since June 5th of this year (2017). If you haven’t already, go ahead and take a peek by going to Facebook and doing a search for #DearYoungMinisters. 

I have started posting them for 3 main reasons. 

  1. Encourage people entering into ministry.No matter what age they have submitted their entire lives to the calling on their life.

  2. Give a voice to the journey of growing in ministry with you and let you all know what I’ve learned thus far.

  3. To let those who are not in ministry know just what we feel, what we see and the surface level of the cost that we’ve paid or are paying in order to carry out our individual God-given assignment.

I am in the process of putting some published posts and each entry I haven’t made public yet in a book format. So these blog posts will whet your palates and prepare you for the book which I’m aiming to complete by December 2017 but no later than April 2018!

I would love your feedback, your experiences and even a reply disagreeing with me. I am not here to argue my experience but I will discuss with you parts of my process as you discuss yours. 

Until next time.

Love you. 



in(SECURE) - Pt 3

in(SECURE) - Pt 3

The Shadowed Son

The Shadowed Son