Quote: The Conversation with Grace

Quote: The Conversation with Grace

People are so quick to flat-out be judgemental or allow it to be subliminal in their speech and actions when they simply do not know the full story of what your experiences in life have offered you. You can know someone for the past 5 or 10 years and they can think they know everything about you--that’s not the case at all. They know the portion of life that they have witnessed and what you have told them. 

It is not until everyone sits down to pray and ask to speak to the grace that has been applied on their life that they will see the roads that they had the opportunity to go down but did not. 

It was in a slip second that their attention was taken off the evil that enticed their hearts and was drawn away from the Lord that led to years of darkness and an imaginable fight for their sanity. 

There will be no more “if I were in that situation I would have…” because you will be too busy being thankful and praising God for: 

  • Keeping you when you did not want to be kept

  • Being a friend to you when you felt completely alone

  • Encouraging you when you wanted to give up

  • Being the sustainer of your peace

  • Calming your fears

  • Massaging the callous places of your heart to make it malleable again

  • Comforting you in the midst of your anxieties

  • At times crying tears of joy for the Lord constantly being more enough

  • Feeling the embrace of the Word as your belief elevates to another level

  • Opening doors for you that you know should not be open to you and closing the doors for you that hinder the relationship that you have with the Lord

  • Actually being grateful that He’s a jealous God and will continue to protect you at all costs!

  • Pouring His love on you so strong that it causes you to live again when you were on the verge of falling off a cliff of disbelief

You simply will not have any room to judge anyone for their choices nor the consequences of their choices because you will be glad for where the Lord has brought you, kept you, and is taking you. He will lead you with His hand, guide you with His eye, and encourage you with His heart towards you. 

Judge not lest ye be judged (Matt 7:1)

Love keeps no record of wrong (1 Cor 13:5)

Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8)

His grace is more than enough ( 2 Cor. 12:9)….and it abounds (Romans 5:20)

Strength and Grace to you!

~Tracy J~

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