3 Words...

Me: Hello.
Dr: Hello Monique. How are you?
Me: I'm fine Doctor.
Dr: Look I'm going to get straight to the point. Your biopsy came back, and it shows that 


On September 8, 2015, those are the 3 words that changed my life forever! The moment they left the disconnected lips of my doctor and fell upon my unsuspecting ears, I knew that life, as I knew it, would never be the same. So many fears immediately rose up within my mind, “at about my husband, my kids?? I'm too young for this, I'm only 29.....why now???" As I began to think and replay what the doctor had just told me, tears began to fall and everything grew silent. The lights seemed to dim, and I felt as if I was floating through a tunnel that seemed to get darker by the moment. "How am I going to tell my husband?" I asked deep within myself. 

Without hesitation, I called him upstairs so we could discuss the devastating news I had just received. I understood that this would come as a blow to him. He had JUST had a horrible day at work, was very tired, frustrated, and simply wanted to rest after the day he had experienced. It always seems that the worst things happen right when you don't NEED them to happen. As he walked up the steps, the creaking that resounded ever so loudly in my ears, and it reminded me that those 3 words would affect his world as much as it had affected mine. After all, as husband and wife, our worlds had collided into one space....once and for all.

As I looked at how discouraged he had become, something strongly rose up in me. I felt the boldness of the Lord take over in that moment. Immediately, I stopped crying, and wiped my face. I stood in front of my husband and began to proclaim  the promises and words of the Lord. The Lord reminded me of how a few weeks prior, He said that I would know Him as a healer. Of course when he told me that, I had no idea that the healing would come in this form. I began to tell my husband that G-d promised that He would heal me, and that His word always remains true, and that I would be perfectly fine. We ALL would be fine! I wanted to encourage him and let him know that G-d’s way is ALWAYS perfect and that we would see him in a great way in this season.


Those 3 words unlocked a thirsting for Christ like never before! They unlocked the realization that life is short, and should not be wasted being angry, lazy, complacent, or with complaint! Those 3 words lit a fire that has caused me to look fear into the eyes, and live life head first! Without regard, I have realized that this process of getting to know Christ on a more intimate level comes with great sacrifice, and great challenge, but it is all worth it! I am very thankful and grateful that the Lord has counted me worthy of hearing those 3 words, and has used this as a conduit for me to gain a greater relationship with Him. Understand, life is filled with many unexpected, devastating , and heart shattering moments, but it is in those moments that G-d becomes so real to us. He becomes tangible and an undeniable source of strength and comfort. He uses these moments to put things into perspective, to put Him back into perspective. 

YOU HAVE CANCER has now turned into YOUWILLLIVEbecause the perspective has changed. Thank you Lord for allowing 3 words to change my perspective.

What 3 words have changed your perspective of your thirst for Jesus Christ like never before?

By: Monique Renee Fulks
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