When Growth Embarrasses You...

When Growth Embarrasses You...

This is a funny post but something good to think about….

When I started my new job I wanted to make sure that I was "presentable" so I did what any young lady would do: got my hair and nails done the weekend before I started the job. Every two weeks is ideal for women to get their nails done because of how fast our nails grow. Yeah….I DIDN'T!!

I did not have time to get my nails done again due to running from work straight to home to cook dinner before another meeting or church. Literally, EVERY DAY of that 2nd week of me starting the job I had no time to get my nails done again until the third week.

One day, I pointed at a line item on a form while talking to my boss and I immediately got embarrassed!!! 

“Why?!”, you may ask...

Because it was the third week and my nails grew....A LOT!

I thought and felt that it did not look professional so I found myself trying to hide my hands and not point as much. I used pens and markers and highlighted to-do items and sent them via email hoping I could stay at my desk while searching for a time to schedule a trip to the nail salon!

I laughed at myself (hard might I add) - yet this implied so much more.

How many times do we get into a place where we are working in the vain of our gifts, talents and skills and it looks and feels really great when we first start out. For instance, you’re in a big group of people who have all made the decision to walk and move forward to a common goal and within a short amount of time (literally days or weeks). All of a sudden, you can see that your hunger and thirst to go to the next level is no longer the same as everyone around you --those you started with.  You can see your growth and it feels a little embarrassing like when I looked down and saw my nails.

You realize that what you are being taught is immediately put to work and IT’S REALLY WORKING because you have the faith for it and that causes you to grow at an amazingly rapid rate. EVERYONE  around you notices it yet they say nothing...they just stare or talk about you when you're not around. Do you think the root of this embarrassment is the fear of not being popular or having to come to terms that the saying of “everyone can’t go with you” is actually true?  Do you think it has to do with the fear of self, fear of failure, fear of rejection? How about fear of success, fear of responsibility, fear of promotion?

It reminds me of Peter when he got out the boat in Matt. 14:22-33. Although the disciples walked with Jesus and said they wanted to get to know Him, Peter put action behind his words and got focused on The One who he said he loved. It could have been embarrassing for Peter to just stand up...getting out of the boat took the cake!!! I can just imagine James and John pulling on him to get back in the boat with the crowd (disciples) where it was safe. But Peter’s love for Jesus outgrew the boat quickly. IN THE MIDST of the storm, being yelled at by friends, brothers and possibly his own thoughts, his love grew and was forced into action in spite of what it looked like, what was said or what people thought.  

Seeing all of this unfold, how would you view your growth that is put into action before you can even think about it? Would you speak on it and try to explain it?

Do you search for the pat on the back or do you just keep working with your head down not paying attention to how far you have come?

Do you try to turn around and encourage people along the way? Or allow them to choke off of the dust that you've kicked up from running past those that are "too slow in their learning"?

What would you say to one who is embarrassed about outgrowing their surroundings at an extremely fast pace? 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this

(photo credit: Gratisography)

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