Your Words = Your Life

Are you living the very life you desire each and every day? The answer to this question for many people is, “No. No, I’m not. I wish I were but I am not.” For many years, I wondered why I could not live like my rich friends or take vacations like my Mom’s best friend and her family. It seemed that the life I longed for would never come. For many years, it seemed that the life I longed for remained merely on a screen. Hopelessly, I lived vicariously through classmates I’d never talk to again and envied the people I brushed shoulders with at church and work. I had successfully trained myself to think that I was not worth the life I had in my dream world. But, why not?

Hoping and wishing are two great components to a life that could potentially manifest; however, faithand beliefare the only components needed to create that life. “Now faithis the substance of things hoped for, the evidenceof things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.  Now, I will not pretend to be a bible scholar or say that I read the word every single day, though I should. (I am sure to get a whoopin for this---sorry Mama and Papa Dillon!) Lately, that scripture, in particular, has stuck out to me. 

Two years ago, I began attending Agape Time Ministries, Inc. – City of Refuge founded by Pastors John and Pamela Dillon. This breeding ground for true, authentic leaders has challenged my very way of thinking and caused a myriad of upsetting and discomforting moments. That is outstanding to me. Prior to 2013, I was sure that my life would comprise an OKAY relationship, decent job to pay bills and keep up with the trends and fads and my circle of friends to keep me company. 

A wise man, Pastor Michael Johnson of The Refreshing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, began to crush my thought process about life and love itself. His very first words to me were, “you cannot begin to love anyone else….until you learn to love yourself.” Moments later, a river of tears flooded my face, with no notice. And then it began. 

That statement caused great reflection in the way I had encouraged myself to live. Years had passed before I told myself that, “I am worth an abundant life filled with more than I could ever ask or think.” Twenty-two years had passed to be exact. My entire life, I heard the phrases, “you can do whatever you put your mind to.” “God has great plans for you.” “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” Yes, these mottos are correct but I had failed in the number one course needed to pass the exam of life: I did not believe any of these words. 

Now that I think about it, I had subconsciously rolled my eyes at the mere thought of doing well and succeeding at anything I did. Receiving compliments felt like Christmas and positive acknowledgements were birthday gifts. ‘Words of Affirmation’ is one of my love languages because I had deprived myself of affirming what I always knew was true: I am successful. I am beautiful and confident. My life is great and I will live abundantly.

At twenty-four years old, I live, not alone, but in a beautiful home in St. Louis, Missouri. I drive a 2005 Chevrolet Impala (he needs some work done), I have a group of people I call “family” to support any endeavor I choose to tackle, and I have my faith in God. Although I am unemployed, I am joyful. Yes, there are days that I feel overwhelmed but I immediately go to the words I know to be true: I am successful. I am beautiful and confident. My life is great and I will live abundantly.

Words are single-handedly the most impactful way of communicating to others and ourselves. Speaking negative words over yourself is almost the same as putting your hand on the trigger of a murderous lifestyle. It’s life-threatening. Look at the millionaires, billionaires, CEOs, prominent stars and celebrities of our time. Ask any of them what their biggest hurdle was and it will NOT be, “believing I could do it”. 

Many people living their dream made it up in their mind that they would be astronomically famous before they ever saw the manifestation! Steve Harvey, one of the funniest men alive, slept in his car before gigs early in his career. Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for ten million dollars before he ever starred in his first movie, while living a poor life in Hollywood. And the soprano legend, Mariah Carey, wondered how she would eat her next meal before discovering the winding road to success. I could go on but we know how this ends. Success and positivity are brewed with our own words.

I challenge you, today, to write down five goals to accomplish in 5-10 years. Look at these goals each day and speak positively over yourself about them. Want to see results manifest sooner? Speak well into your life EVERY DAY. Wake up each morning speaking health, wealth and positivity into your life and those around you. Unpleased with how your children interact with one another? Speak unity and a healthy relationship to them and over them each morning for breakfast and each evening before bedtime. (There are studies about speaking good, kind words before bedtime.)

Each of our destinies lies in the power of our tongue. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits,” Proverbs 18:21. I have several stories of what has manifested in the last two months of my unemployment by merely speaking it into existence. Though some of the outcomes did not happen in my timing, I am still resting on the timing of a mighty God. In due time, my manifestations will arrive and soon enough, you will see yours too. If you have a story to encourage someone, let us know below! “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death,” Revelation 12:11.Your words of positivity could be the very words needed for someone to see that it can work for them too! 

I look forward to your words.

Many Blessings, My Friends!

A. Shears

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