Balancing the Journey

Balancing the Journey

I am honored to have been asked to be a part of this Journey.

Thank you, Jesus, and Thank You, Tracy Jackson, for listening and yielding and submitting to the Lord.

I have been praying and seeking our Heavenly Father about this intro to the Journey... I couldn’t shake what happens to be the theme for our women’s conference this year.

I am very interested in the Balance Life because I am at a time in my life where the desire to live a balanced life and the challenges to its fulfillment are perhaps the strongest they have ever been. These challenges bring pressure against the balanced life. I relish the fact we can do all things through Christ Jesus.

Balancing the Journey#keepingitalltogether

This sounds almost impossible for most of us I’m sure. I realize that the majority is trying to juggle 10-15 things at a time instead of Balance our life is in chaos we end up on overload which eventually brings about burnout.

We must find our Balance Most people I speak with will admit that they struggle daily with the issues of life's balance. No matter what their work, family situations, desires and responsibilities, everyone is constantly moving toward or away from balanced lives.

What is Balancing...Keeping or putting things in a steady position so it doesn’t fall.  Offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.  “The cost of obtaining information needs to be balanced against its benefits”. The ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling. “A state in which different things occur in the equal or proper amount of importance on this Journey”.

Balancing this Journey

As more than conquerors (Rom 8:37-39)we must practice becoming perfect in this. We have to intentionally make the most of our time allotted. The Bible tells us to redeem the time for the days are evil (Eph 5:14-16).In every situation, we have a choice that brings life or death to the situation. We have to prayerfully make our choice.  Take time to think about the future and end results.

As we move it forward we must stay focus in order to keep it all together.

The television and social media remind us of all the things we need, what we should buy, how we should look and what we should do. We live in a culture which is over stimulated by messages and demands. How do we sort through all these and find balance in our lives? How do you handle the pressure of what the boss is telling you to do, what your spouse is asking you to do, what the kids want you to do, what the school is requiring of you, what the church is calling for you to do, the expectations of friends, extended family, and community? What is one to do?
The element of mastery that is essential to enjoying life's journey is to keep it balanced. And like any form of growth and skill, the process will always be in evolution.

When nature gets out of balance things to die. When our emotions get out of balance we talk about being Neurotic. It is a state of being miserable and we make the wrong decision because of unresolved conflicts.

When our emotions get enough out of balance we talk about being Psychotic. We are disrupted emotionally and we fall to pieces intellectually and we lose contact with reality and we cannot function in society and our hospitals are full of such people who are somehow or the other out of balance.

For the most part, it is simply awareness, a thought or a physical sensation, or an emotion (dissatisfaction, boredom, anger, emptiness) that tells us we are off the track of the life we aspire to live.
Sometimes the awareness of needing to re-balance my life grabs you and shakes at your core, demanding that you pay attention. Our great problem is we pretend that it doesn't exist or try to deny it.
Balance is achievable through the sustained effort of constantly refocusing and readjusting our values to line up with our Divine purpose.. Knowing the will of God for your Life  and setting your Priorities according to God’s plan for your Life,

Begin by asking yourself, “What are my gifts? What are the specific talents and interests that God has put into my life? How can I use these to fulfill his purpose for me in this world?” The reason that these questions are important is that you may be doing many good things, but you may not be doing the things that God has in mind for you. Your area of interest may be music and you are serving on the finance committee of the church. That is probably not where you should be spending your time.

Take the time to sit down and write out your life purpose.

Put your priorities down on paper. Make a plan to fulfill those priorities and make them happen. Begin to say no to some things and cut out other things. Make sure there is enough time for the important things. Pencil in time for God and for ministry to other people. Your ministry may be encouraging someone over the phone, baking a pie, singing a song, teaching a class, witnessing to your neighbor, writing a story, leading a group, going with a jail ministry team, working with children, youth or the elderly. Your ministry will be unique to your personal gifts and calling, and you will have time for God to use you because you have made a plan.

Keep G-D first..Matt  6:33
Ask for wisdom ..James 1:5
W-wait on His Answer.. Philippians 4:6-7
Count up the cost .. Luke 14:28

~Apostle Artemese Dennis

Apostle Artemese Dennis  Transformers United for Christ International Outreach Ministries

Apostle Artemese Dennis
Transformers United for Christ International Outreach Ministries



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Thankful for Opportunities!

Thankful for Opportunities!