Eagerly Waiting on Something? This One's for You...

Eagerly Waiting on Something? This One's for You...

What are you eagerly waiting for?

Maybe it's a new job or position- because your coworkers and boss simply don't understand your worth as an employee.

Or maybe it's a new vehicle- because ol' Besty won't pass emissions due to her transmission just going out. Again. For the 3rd time.

Or maybe it's companionship- desiring a new friend or partner to navigate life with that understands you.

Whatever the case is, ALL of us have waited for something.

And truth be told, waiting usually isn't fun. It definitely isn't for me. Ever. Especially when you're at your favorite restaurant and you see the food delivered to the table next to you, and you were sitting there WAAAY before they even got there and they take the first bite into their juicy steak and perfectly seasoned french fries....


So why do we have to wait for things?

In this moment, take a deep breath with me and say:


Sure, that's what our grandmothers told us when we're waiting for their homemade greatness to come out of the oven. (Can you tell that I'm hungry?) We've heard this phrase all our lives.

Ponder this thought for a moment: What if we received something when WE wanted it? When WE thought it was ready? In other words, what if we don't wait?

Let's continue with the favorite restaurant scenario:

Say as I'm drooling over my neighbor's food who received their meal prior to mine- I demanded the waiter to bring my steak out RIGHT that moment. Whether it's ready or not. Just to bring it out for me to eat.

So the waiter brings the steak out and it's basically raw (I like mine well done) and the fries are flimsy and half frozen. Let's say I decide to eat my meal despite how it's cooked because I simply did not want to wait any longer.

The result: My stomach would suffer severely because it would not be able to digest the food properly.

If I did this every time I ate, sure my body may adjust.. But it would leave lasting affects that would harm me in the long run!

IMPATIENCE in waiting will eventually lead to a damaging lifestyle.

Say it with me again:

So why should we wait?

"But we who live by the Spirit eagerly wait to receive by faith the righteousness God has promised to us." Galatians 5:5 NLT

So... We should be eager about waiting? Even when it's not fun? Huh?

Waiting is an act of faith. It's saying, "I believe that whatever I'm waiting for is eventually going to come". Why would we wait if we didn't have the expectation that it would come?

We HAVE to flip the perspective.

Our expectation shouldn't be IF it's going to come but WHEN! While we wait (act of faith) we are eager (excited) because of what God PROMISED us. We don't have to worry about the wait because it's already taken care of.

Just like I knew that eventually my delicious steak and fries were going to come- hot, fresh and fully prepared the way I asked for it. Same with life happenings.

So, instead of looking at others and saying: "God, when?!?"(I too am guilty of this.)

We can say: "God, you must have something REALLLY great for me and I'm going to enjoy this journey so I don't miss ANYTHING for when the time comes to receive it."

What are some things you are eagerly waiting for that you know God has promised you?
What tools have you added to your belt during this process of waiting that'll make your time of receiving that much sweeter?

Stay encouraged! IT'S WORTH THE WAIT.

In Faith & Love,



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Thankful for Opportunities!

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