Happy New You!

What are you going to do?! Though it may feel like another day, it is now 2016!! Naturally, the beginning of a new year brings a freshness and zeal to our lives that enhances the need to do more and live better. If you're like 46% of Americans, you have already listed your resolutions for the year. Seventeen percent of Americans have opted out but will make resolutions unknowingly and of the 63% of these Americans that have made this resolve to do better, live smarter and think bigger, only 8% will achieve their resolutions.

Eight percent of Americans successfully put their money (or feet or hands or minds) where their mouth is. For the number of resources, how-to books, book clubs, entrepreneur workshops and gyms in America, that number seems shockingly low. This statistic caused me to ponder the reasons behind this fact. Why aren't the other 55% of Americans following through with their passions and goals that they so mightily stood on at the 1st of the year?

Many of us have heard the coined definition of insanity - doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Sometimes our intentions are good but they are insane. The book we're reading about growing wealth in 2 weeks has not yet come to past but we decide to read it a second, third and fourth time. Our gym membership has robbed us of a smooth $150 as we "plan to get to the gym one of these days". Our appetites have done well for us but we can't quite understand how the unhealthy snacks keep making it on the top shelf and not back in the store. I could go on but for time, and dignity's, sake we'll move right along.

We're insane! But not all the time. There is an idea that helped us reach 40 new customers or clients to increase our clientele, we were able to walk around the neighborhood 3 times a week and start choosing baked over fried goods. Some habits stuck. Thankfully, there are also habits and ideas that we can now add on since we have shed some weight or excess baggage that we didn't need in 2015 and won't be bringing with us in 2016.

My awesome sister, and founder of this blog, Tracy Jackson, participated in an activity at work called, START. STOP. CONTINUE. The concept is to take a hard look at the endeavors of last year, really focus on what worked, what didn't and what could've been implemented. Now that we have been blown away by our growth and encouraged to add more to our plate, let's not forget to shed off what is not needed.

I'll go first.
I vow to:
START listening to the Holy Spirit for every decision I make, daily.
STOP telling myself that I can't.
CONTINUEto hunger and thirst after the Lord and STOP finding ways as to why I shouldn't.
STARTusing wise counsel that is ever present before me and CONTINUE to be open to constructive criticism.
STOP letting doubt overtake my thought life and CONTINUEbelieving the Word of God for my life.
START praying for other countries.
STARTusing prayer as a weapon.
STARTbeing free in praise and worship and STOP hiding my dancing from the Lord.
CONTINUEto love my friends and family.
START accepting my mistakes.
STOP  comparing my journey to another and START keeping my eyes on my own race.
CONTINUE to go to the gym 3-4 times a week but I will START choosing the healthier snacks.
STOP making excuses why I shouldn't wake up early and START cherishing the times that I do.
STARTloving strangers like they are family and STARTseeing the goodness in them.
STOP being afraid of my growth because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
CONTINUE to pursue the purpose God has for me and STARTthirsting for Him more in that area.
STOPwithholding my words from the world in fear that you wouldn't care.

START your list for 2016 and watch the greatest year you've ever lived unfold into the greatest you that you have ever seen.

Just because you did it in 2015, does not mean you have to leave it there if it worked! If you have already made a resolutions list, I challenge you to remove the redundant and replace it with a specific goal that warrants results soon! This will help you see results and feel better about achieving them. Get a group of accountable and encouraging people to love you back to health when you want to simply quit.

Begin to set yourself up for real success in this Happy New Year!


2016 = B.I.G. Lights

2016 = B.I.G. Lights

Pay the Price

Pay the Price