Promotion by Way of Relationship

Promotion by Way of Relationship

I have heard it said that people want to go "higher" in ministry, higher in business, higher in relationship status with their "boo-thang", etc. I have seen that these people have done whatever it takes to put themselves in the position to make sure that they get what they are seeking after. *Hand lifted* I am one of those people I must say!

I remember being frustrated with my lack of growth in ministry. I did everything that I knew to do: prayed, studied the word, and discovered how to move in the gifts that i've been blessed with but there always seemed to be some type of glass ceiling that I would hit. It got to the point where I expected failure to come before any type of success. Disappointments of some type of chastisement for trying something new or sharing what I may have seen or felt lead to low moments of not feeling adequate for what was brewing within. Encouragement seemed like a distant memory when it came to ministry; which bled into other areas of my life. The Lord really did answer my prayer in the way of me meeting my current Pastors, John and Pamela Dillon

I love to observe people near and far and I have come to realize some things about people who say that they "want to go to the next level in ministry, business, etc" that I am able to identify with. This is what I learned from experience and observations from afar: three things that happen immediately, leading to my warnings to you as well.

I realized a person who says they want to go to the next level has got to understand that:

  • The new teacher or mentor will graciously tell you what they see in you (including your successes and shortcomings) at the present time and will tell you in a very diplomatic way.
    This is NOT for the person to bash you, reinforce your uncertainties, insecurities or co-sign on any excuses you may have set up within you. This is for you to get an aerial view of the space you are living in at the present time. To encourage you that there is a way out and most of all there is life and life more abundantly on the other side of “letting it all go!” Please also note that this is what they see in the present time these things do NOT define who you are in your totality.

  • This new teacher or mentor will tell you what it takes to get to where you want to be!
    You have to first understand that THEY HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE and have the ability to help you -- if you allow it. I ALWAYS say that the truth isn’t the truth unless it hurts just a little bit. It will cause you to make a decision on if you are going to stand firm with what the truth is coming against or adjust your stance. This will be uncomfortable at first and if you are one of the independent types then it can seem like they are trying to come against you. This is NOT the case at all. They are simply asking you to choose the “red pill” -- for the next steps on your journey or the “blue pill” -- you stay where you are” (Matrix lingo!)

  • This new teacher or mentor will show you the way! - Step by Step
    Since they have been where you are then they have keys within them to unlock areas of success within you due to obstacles they have overcome. THIS is where promotion comes from. This will seem challenging for you at first but it is really good and safe place to be!

There are countless examples within the bible of this protocol and order such as Moses and Joshua, Naomi and Ruth, Eli and Samuel, Jesus and the disciples, Paul and Timothy, among many others. 

Yet please be warned and aware:

  • Be careful what you ask for because your “grow up” opportunity is coming!
    You have to really be careful what you ask for! I am not saying that to discourage you or scare you. Yet, if you meet someone who has the keys to where you want to go and you are NOT ready to hear the truth about where you are and you choose to reject it, you will continue to remain stagnant where you are trying to move for a while longer. If you have a chance to grow….GROW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!

Growing up is not easy but it is a highly suggested requirement. (I digress) 

  • You CANNOT be prideful in your asking for help. Help comes when you're humble and teachable!
    Can you imagine a second grader telling a college student, someone with the degree to teach, how to teach third graders? It does not sound right does it? This is what happened with me. I tried to tell people how to teach me and when they laughed and graciously did what I suggested, I fell flat on my face!! But because they knew I was acting in my childish ways, being the parents that they were they were there to help me up, dust me off and then show me how to do it the correct way. I HAD TO humble myself, be real with myself to admit and be comfortable even when I did not, and STILL do not, know everything. Do you have a similar experience you can think about?

  • A “new way” outside of what you are used to is scary but it introduces you to your authentic You.
    You will have to make a decision to accept what's in you or deny it and stay where you are---the red pill or blue pill. It is a scary feeling not to be in control. This is where your trust in God comes in. You have to trust and believe that the Lord will not lead you into divine connections for your growth in order to cut you down where you are or where you're going. You will be required to pray more, study more, and trust The Spirit of the Living God within you like never before.

First Corinthians 13 is known as the “Love Chapter”. One thing I must say is that Love places a requirement for us to grow in the things that we commit ourselves to. Verse 11 says, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” There is no way that true and authentic love can leave you the same way you were when you first met. The Message Bible pens verse 12 like this: We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us! 

This is what Love does!! Love by way of relationship...with God, His children and most of all with ourselves in every area of our lives: ministry, business, relationship status, grows us up.

The authentic you awaits...Let’s grow together!

Embrace your Journey…Let us walk on

Tracy J


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