There is Someone YOU HAVE to Meet...

There is Someone YOU HAVE to Meet...

I woke up one-morning last week a little late for work. I did not know what I was going to wear nor if I packed everything I needed to take with me to go to work. As  I was rushing through the morning I heard the faintest voice in my ears that said, “There is someone YOU HAVE to meet!”. There was so much excitement in the voice it made me a little nervous. I thought about all of the people that I may encounter in the meetings lined up for the day at work. There was no one I knew of who would be there “out of the ordinary”, so I brushed it off. 

As I walked out of my house, I heard it again! The commute to work was nothing out of the ordinary, although, I looked for and expected something a little different. I expected to meet this person I kept hearing that I would be meeting. Maybe they would jump out in front of the car and I would have to slam on my breaks. Or maybe I would be sitting at a stop light and happen to look over to meet this person. But to no avail, there was no special meeting that prevailed. 

When I got to the garage at work, I parked my car and proceeded to get on the elevators that delivered me to my floor. The elevators we have consisted of 3 walls of mirrors with not-so-good lighting so it can look like a creepy scene from a horror movie if you allow your mind to go that far. On this elevator ride, I had to make about 3 tops before I was on there alone seeing how I work on the top floor. Then I realized that the lighting was a bit better this day but I did not pay attention to it. When everyone was off the elevator, I heard the sweetest voice say, “There is someone YOU HAVE got to meet!”. After the third time hearing this and no longer trying to figure out who it was, I simply asked, “Who am I going to meet?”. The response came so quick it kind of startled me. That same little voice, small and sweet voice said, “Turn around”. Being obedient, I did just that and when I turned around I saw my reflection. I immediately heard the Lord say, “THERE SHE IS!!!!”

I only had about 10 floors to go to get myself together because I almost fell completely apart! Why you may ask? Because on that day I saw just how far I had come. How much I had grown. How my capacity has increased. How I know I still need to continue to grow and not give up, yet I celebrate the victories leading up to that moment of standing in an elevator going up to the 23rd floor for a job that was handed to me. 


This situation reminds me of David. Although he did not have any elevators or mirrors to look at his reflection to see just how far he has come there was a Prophet by the name of Samuel who came to him to tell him what the mirror of eternity was to reflect on earth. In First Samuel 16 speaks of the Prophet Samuel going to Bethlehem to anoint one of Jesse’s sons with a horn of oil. It wasn’t Eliab, Abinadab nor Shammah but it was David, the one tending to the sheep. David who killed the lion, David who killed the bear and later in the next chapter to kill Goliath  (1 Samuel 17:34-37)...was all in the reflection of the mirror of heaven on earth. Being a shepherd is one of the noblest occupations due to how much time you are able to have time with the Lord to minister to your heart while looking after the sheep you grow to wholeheartedly care for.  Without the experiences with the lion and the bear then David probably would not have known what we would be able to do with Goliath.

Last week Areanna wrote a post called “Assessment for Betterment

” I hope everyone took that to heart and if you did not get a chance to read that please do so now!! She asked a lot of questions about the position of our hearts and where we were in our process of being honest with ourselves and the Lord. Think about the experiences in your life that make you the person that you see now.  This week I am asking you to look in the mirror and meet the person that has come through dangers seen and unseen, who answered the hard questions pertaining to their hearts. The victorious one, the one who is more than a conqueror, the one who thought that would not make it sometimes, the one who wanted to give up, the one who thought about quitting but the love of God inside of you would not let you. Meet the one who sowed seeds of faith and prayed them through until they came to past. Meet the one who chooses not to lean to their understanding and allow God to do the work. Meet the one who pressed toward the mark and is now walking in another realm of trust in God. These things may be the lions, bears and Goliath’s in your life that has caused you to experience God in ways unimaginable. 

The year of 2015 is almost over and what a beautiful journey it has afforded us to have even with 10 days left! There is no need to wait until 2016 to start a new mindset...YOU MADE IT THUS FAR and I promise you YOU ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON that entered into 2015. Embrace your kingship bestowed upon you because of the Lord’s plans for your life! You have not gone through any preparation period in vain.

Look in the mirror and simply say, “It’s so nice to meet you…You look very good!”

~Tracy J

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