You're Almost There

You're Almost There

  • Donnie was a young man on a not-so-well-known track team and his coach put him in the 100 meter dash with some of the top in the state. He was new to this meet so a lot of people did not know him. The other runners thought he was a young man who could barely run and his coach was using this track meet to show him what he needed to do. There was a dry arrogance about the others there who was getting themselves ready for this particular race. They heard the tone to get on their mark and eventually the gun went off. All of the runners darted off their blocks and ran with everything they had. Donnie was no different he ran just as hard if not as hard as everyone else. Donnie pushed himself into second place with about 10 yards to go. He started thinking that He was not going to win this race so there's no reason to push any harder. He then looked over and saw his coach standing on the side line cheering him on.

"Keep pushing...Finish strong!! Finish strong!!!"

The guy that was ahead of him got cocky because he thought no one was around him so he slowed down since he could not see anyone. With the encouragement of his coach rooting from him, Donnie mustered enough strength to push past his opponent and he took first place with the last 3 steps of the race.

This coming Thursday will mark 3 weeks until the end of 2015.

What a ride it has been for us all! We have learned a lot through experience, advice of others and watching people from afar. We have laughed, cried our hearts out, had people walk away from us which made room for other people to enter in. Some of us have even learned the true meaning of happiness, joy and rest. We have gotten some hard questions answered and if we allow some questions still cause us to stay up at night.

Although there are only but a few weeks left in this year I want to encourage you to keep giving it all that you got! Be not weary in well doing but you shall reap a harvest of blessing if you faint not (Gal 6:9). One of the things that I learned this year is that I cannot work so hard and so long that I forget to celebrate the small victories that it took for me to get there. Whatever you are doing...know that as long as you are continually presenting yourself a living sacrifice unto the Lord which is your reasonable service (Rom 12:1) are doing well. As long as you are hiding the word in your heart (Ps 119:11) are doing well. As long as you stay that today is a new day and I receive the Lord's mercies towards me (Lam 3:22-23) are doing well. As long as you continue to seek the kingdom of God first (Matt 6:33) are doing well.  As long as you continue to celebrate the achievements that you have reached in meeting your are doing well.

Things may not look like you want them to but that does not mean you stop running. Peope around you may not be you supporting you as you thought or felt they would but you still have those who are suppose to be there.  You may think you should have more but in reality you STILL have more than enough. Do not have the mindset of "it's always going to be like this" or "I gave it all that I had...I'll let them have this win". I encourage you to press towards the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philip 3:14)! Feelings are just that...feelings and we cannot allow our them to disqualify us from the race. When you know that you know that you are going to make it that allow will push your feelings aside and you will get your second wind to keep going.

Do not be like the runner who was in first place either. We cannot get to use to "winning" that we forget that even while we are ahead we still have to focus to maintain the finish. There is no place for arrogance in our progress and our journey. There is no place of self-righteousness in this race, after all there will be no flesh that will get glory for what the Lord has done. The Lord's strength is made perfect in our weakness if we are going to boast then let it be about that (2 Cor 12:8-10). We cannot and will not be the one runner who slowed down because we do not see anyone around us.

All in all....You have to keep going and finish strong because there are a lot of people watching you near and far, there are people waiting on you on the other side of the finish line and most of all you have people to meet who is in need of your story, experiences, strength and love.

Keep going.
Finish strong.
There's somone waiting to meet you on the other side of the line
(next week's post will tell you WHO it is!)


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