Increase Your Water Intake

As a kid, I strictly remember my mother telling me to “drink water” when I was thirsty. Every kid knows the gut-wrenching feeling when you’re craving something fruity and delicious, not bland and tasteless. When I grew older, and a bit wiser, water grew to be my drink of choice. Through my few years of being a real-life saved Christian, I have learned in a variety of services and revelation of the word of God, that water is also symbolic for the Holy Spirit.

According to WebMD, there are six major reasons to constantly secure an adequate amount of water in your diet---DAILY. These are dire for your natural body but what about your soul salvation? What about the spirit that lies within you?

1. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.
How many fluids (influences) do we all possess and come into contact with daily? Our physical bodies were created with 60% water. That equates to 60% holy spirit! How great of an impact is that?! With any influence, good or bad, we must offer opportunity for the influence to take place. Water cannot balance the fluids in our body if we are not hydrating…..with water!

Water is not the only fluid to occupy our bodies. Of these different fluids, how many are beneficial versus harmful to us? Water stabilizes the ability for these harmful fluids to influence our body’s natural processes.

2. Water can help control calories.
Calories help our body maintain a source of energy. Calories can be found in what we eat and drink. If you look on the nutrition labels of your foods and beverages, it will indicate how many calories you can find in that item. How much word are we introducing to our bodies daily?

The word of God is also known as the bread of life. Without the proper amount of holy spirit (water), we can operate on strictly the word (calories) and not understand how to control what we do with the knowledge (energy) we now possess.

3. Water helps energize muscles.
Our muscles are made of more than 70% water. During a workout session, I recall feeling fatigued faster than normal while participating in assisted squats. I used more weights but did not prepare my muscles as I should have---I did not properly hydrate. Consequently, I could not complete as many reps, my muscles became rapidly sore and I left my workout feeling cheated.

Have you ever heard that prayer is your vehicle through life? Pastor Pamela Dillon of Agape Time Ministries has said COUNTLESS times how prayer is “the way we move and have our being in everyday life”. It is our mode of transportation in the natural as well as the spirit realm. Prayer holds together the intricate parts of our day that can easily become unraveled if not covered in prayer. The Holy Spirit is a dynamic and necessary tool to effectively pray for ANYTHING. Without it, we become more fatigued and weary when trying to exercise our weak muscles.

Earlier this week, I found that a mild cold tried to attack my body. While at my desk, I could feel the nasal congestion and band of sneezes begin to conjure. Though I didn't have medicine on hand, I reached for my water bottle. Upon drinking the water, I immediately felt my body hydrate and my nose cleared up. I noticed that my body was attempting to fight off the virus without the proper protection and equipment. The cold virus was able to attack my immune system due to the lack of water I had consumed. How often are we fighting an infection without the proper protection and equipment of the Holy Spirit?

Looking back at the moments throughout your day that seemed to drag on or become burdensome, can you now notice a difference in how much of it you gave to the Holy Spirit? Were there any moments that could have been flushed or removed easier?

Throughout the next few days, take note of the amount of water you take in. Keep in mind these points and how vital it is to hydrate our natural and spiritual bodies. Stay tuned for the last three benefits of staying hydrated by drinking water and pursuing the Holy Spirit!

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

~Ari J


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