The Shadowed Son

The Shadowed Son


Please believe that I have missed everyone greatly!! I’m excited to share some new experiences with you that I’ve had these past couple of months. I want to thank everyone for the calls, text messages, emails and inbox messages on social media (primarily Facebook -- since that’s what I mainly use) to get things rolling again! I thank you all for sticking and staying with me evening during the break! 

You are the absolute best! Let’s get the ball rolling!


Today is a big phenomenon in which the United States of America experiences a total and partial lunar eclipse for a lot of cities and counties within our borders. I’ve seen many posts of millions of people entering into the country in great anticipation to be among those to witness such an event. Traffic in 12 states will be horrible, people will run to the ATM’s to make sure they have cash and to grocery stores for food and water. The hours of the day humble themselves and allow evening to shine through and we will be able to stare at the placement of the sun (with protective glasses!!) as the stars makes an appearance.

I’ve recently seen two of my friend’s posts on Facebook giving an account of how far they have come. They didn’t wait on anyone else to celebrate their successes and gave a roll call of how life seemed to have almost count them out. They knew no one else could tell their stories like they could. The darkest moments yielded their greatest moments of joy, freedom and utter amazement of how far they have come. While they were going through these things, it did not seem like they were small at all but these were the things that seem to steal their light. There were no breaks in the clouds, a silver lining, or "light at the end of the tunnel". But the thing i love is that they kept pressing, they kept showing up, they kept getting out of the bed as hard as it may have been. 

Not diminishing anything that they have gone through -- not diminishing anything that you or I have gone or going through now -- the other side of heartache and stress, depression and hard times is so much bigger than the dark times. Just like the sun is to the moon -- just like the obstacles to the promise.  

Life has a way of lining up so that the promise seems to be out shadowed by the obstacles, the heartache or pressing what you don't understand, the questions, the uncertainty, and the doubt. During these times we will pray for a mind-set change, or that our perception changes because it has the ability to keep us in a dark place. We will forget all the scriptures of how all things are working together and it’s producing patience, perseverance and such. We will just feel the shadow of life.

On the other side of this reality that we see is interestingly different from the reality that others would see. People that we don’t know well at all will start to notice how “bright” you are. They will seemingly feel the reach of your prayers before you do. You look in the mirror and suddenly feel as though something is blocking you. Others look at you and they see a phenomenon. 

I want to take a moment to encourage everyone to pause for a second and simply look at how far you have come. Through it all, you have NEVER stopped shining. An eclipse happens in our lives all the time, but we don’t always see it as a phenomenon. This is the perfect time to look in the mirror and behold the wonder before your eyes. 

Welcome back to the Journey

~Tracy J


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